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You don't need to wotk for pennies. Here are 20 freelance writing jobs that will actually pay you what you're worth. Click on the link to read more about these amazing jobs for writers. 
I have spent over twenty years searching for freelance writing jobs that actually pay a living wage. Earning, say, $5000 in one month is really not that hard when you know where to find those jobs. I have outlined and provided a way for any freelance writer who can write can make at least that amount. With a little hard work and the right resources, you too can earn a good monthly wage from doing what you love to do. 

Struggling with writer's block is no joke. I've been there myself. Check out these 10 "unique" ways to unblock writer's block that always help me when I'm struggling to come up with ideas.

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One of the most popular search phrases is how to make extra money from home. Unfortunately, not all online job ads are on the up-and-up. If you're looking for extra ways to earn extra cash from home without spending money, this article offers 18 legitimate ways to earn extra money from home.
How to Make Extra Money From Home - 70+ Ideas and Sources to Get You Started
If you still need more ideas to earn extra money from home, check out these 70+ ideas.
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