Working to Help Others Live, Grow, and Learn
Working as a freelance writer and author is fun, yet very challenging. I have spent the past 24 years writing articles and books while learning along the way what works and what doesn't. I try to help others who are starting out as freelance writiers  by writing helpful articles and books that, I hope, will help you become successful too.

But I'm  More than a Freelance Writer

More than a freelance writer, however, is my need to help others. This is why I have set up a Mugs For Charity shop that offers high-quality coffee mugs, Tees, and hoodies and much of the proceeds go for various charities around the world. I hope you will take a look around and if you find something you like, remember that your dollars spent will help someone in need. Thank you in advance for your contribution.

Oh the Many Hats I Wear

Did I tell you that I am also a mother, grandmother and wife (oh, the many hats I wear). I am proud to boast four wondeful children, eleven (yes, 11!) beautiful grandchildren, and a loving and supportive husband named Dave. Oh, and I can't forget about our two awsome four-legged family members, Smokey ( a Maine Coon cat) and Sneakers (our Lhasa Apso), who bring so much joy into our home each and every day. 

Proud Grandma Here

Speaking of grandchildren, I have a seven-year-old grandson who I am proud to say is already showing signs of following in Grandma Michelle's footsteps. Together we created a wonderful children's book, The Tree and the Rock that was just recently published through Amazon. 

But What About You?

Okay, enough about me already. How about you? How can I help you? Drop me a line, ask me a question. I promise to do my best to reply as quickly as possible.